Today's Weather in Gdańsk

Tue 31st, Jan

2°C 36°F
Feels like: -4°C 26°F
Light snow showers night
25km/h 16mph / SW
Gust: 32 km/h
Gust: 32 mph

  • Rain: 0.4 mm
  • Sun: 195 mins
  • Cloud: %
  • RH: 96.5%
  • Pressure: 0 mb
  • Visibility: 46.2371 m
Sunrise: 07:36
Sunset: 16:22

Gdańsk 24hr weather forecast

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Light snow showers night
16 mph
Cloudy night
23 mph
Cloudy with heavy rain night
20 mph
Cloudy with heavy snow night
23 mph
Cloudy with heavy snow
29 mph
White cloud
25 mph
White cloud
23 mph
Cloudy with heavy rain
18 mph
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Gdańsk average weather Tuesday 31st January 2023 08:30 PM
Max temp: -1.6°C 29.2°F
Min temp: -5.6°C 22°F
Rainfall: 1mm 0ins

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