Saudi Arabia temperatures & weather in August

Saudi Arabia weather averages and temperatures for August
Location Avg temp (°C°F) Max temp (°C°F) Min temp (°C°F) Rainfall (mm) Sunshine (hrs)
Al Hufūf 43.2°C 109.8°F 43.6 110.5 28.3 82.9 0mm 0ins 11hrs
Al Jubayl 41°C 105.8°F 41.3 106.3 29.3 84.7 0mm 0ins 11hrs
Jeddah 37.5°C 99.5°F 37.8 100 27 80.6 0mm 0ins 11hrs
Mecca 39.9°C 103.8°F 40.2 104.4 27.6 81.7 0mm 0ins 10hrs
Medina 40.9°C 105.6°F 41.2 106.2 27.8 82 0mm 0ins 12hrs
Riyadh 42.2°C 108°F 42.6 108.7 26.7 80.1 0mm 0ins 11hrs
al-hufuf medina al-hufuf

Saudi Arabia monthly averages

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Saudi Arabia Climate Summary

Tropical; hot, humid; rainy season (May to November) has strong southeast winds; dry season (December to April) dominated by hot, dry, harmattan wind

Saudi Arabia weather stats

Saudi Arabia weather statistics
Hottest month: July 41.7°C 107°F
Driest month: June 0mm 0ins
Sunniest month: October 10.6hrs
Coldest month: January 22.9°C 73.2°F
Wettest month: March 16mm 1ins

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